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About Building Forensics LLC

Building Forensics LLC was founded in 1987 to provide quality home inspections and indoor air quality investigations to homeowners in the Madison area. Our focus these last twenty-six years has been on helping homeowners understand how to become successful stewards of their homes and maintain a healthy environment in the home. We hope to ensure that those buildings are well maintained and will provide a safe and hygienic shelter for the next generation of residents.

We work hard to insure that every Building Forensics LLC customer receives the best support possible to help them maintain and improve their home. They receive free telephone, fax, and email support for as long as they own the property. We at Building Forensics LLC continually pursue the most effective ways to get valuable housing information into the hands of our clients.

 The best marketing efforts in the world will not make a poor service successful. At Building Forensics LLC, the evaluation of our service's quality is an ongoing process. Customer feedback is an important part of our inspection process and central to our companies growth. We utilize rigorous training to ensure we can provide you with critical information about emerging housing issues and the latest housing industry innovations. 

The Building Forensics LLC Team

Every successful company must include visionary leadership, knowledgeable staff and effective marketing. At Building Forensics LLC, we are extremely proud of our team.

Deborah Page, Owner, Chief Officer
Deborah Page directs the management of Building Forensics LLC. Before joining Building Forensics LLC, Deborah spent thirteen years as an accounting software designer at AT&T.  Her financial expertise and analytical prowess have made her the ideal person to determine future strategies and provide leadership for the Building Forensics LLC team.

Don Robbins, Inspector
Don Robbins has been integrally involved in the rapidly evolving housing industry since 1973 when he founded Robbins Contracting a Wisconsin based remodeling and renovation firm specializing in restoring older homes. In 1984, Don opened Building Forensics LLC, one of the first home inspection firms in Wisconsin where he currently serves as President and chief inspector. He was a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors, a national accrediting organization for 16 years. He is a licensed State of Wisconsin Home Inspector and also a licensed Rental Unit Energy Efficiency Inspector.  He has done approximately 4000 inspections. 

Don is Board Certified by the American Indoor Air Quality Council as an Indoor Air Quality Consultant.  He is a member of the Indoor Air Quality Association. He is a Board Certified by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists as a Registered Medical Technologist. His unique background gives him an understanding of buildings and how their construction and maintenance affects the health of the people who dwell in them. Don is a consultant and investigator of mold and indoor air quality issues for the building industry and building owners.

 He has taught Home Inspection at Madison Area Technical College. He holds a degree in Medical Technology (B.S.) witha minor in Medical Microbiology.


We are always looking for knowledgeable people with excellent communication skills and a keen sense of what it takes to market home inspections successfully. If you are an experienced home inspector who meets these criteria and is looking for a strong partner, we would like to hear from you today. It could be the start of something good!

We are located on the edge of Madison, 3 miles north of East Town Mall.

Mailing Address:    3736 Shiloh Rd
                             De Forest, WI 53532

Phone:    Voice - 608-575-8273

E-mail: General information - info@buildingforensics.biz
            Appointment scheduling - 608-575-8273
            Building questions - housequery@buildingforensics.biz


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