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Building Forensics LLC offers a whole range of inspection and consulting services.

  • New or existing - 325 point home inspection  

  • Water entry inspections and consultations

  • Mold and indoor air quality inspections

  • Mold and indoor air quality remediation consultations and project management and post remediation validations

  • New home - Pre-drywall installation inspections to assess proper installation of plumbing, electrical & HVAC

  • New home - "punch list" inspections that list uncompleted or poorly or improperly finished areas of the new home

  • Pre-purchase walk through (done a day or two before closing to ensure that there have not been any substantial changes to the building that would adversely affect its value or the health or safety of its inhabitants)

  • Condominium inspections

  • Well inspections

  • Septic inspections

  • Specific building problem investigations and solutions

  • Partial inspection for particular areas or components

  • Radon testing

  • Construction bank draw inspections

  • Multiple unit apartment dwellings with inspection of all or a random sampling of the units 

  • Condominium buildings with inspection of all or a random sampling of the units and consultations with condominium boards

  • Commercial buildings

  • Reserve Fund Studies

  • Environmental risks: asbestos, lead

  • Professional estimation of repairs in fire and flood damaged areas

  • Court testimony and submittal preparation


  Call us at 608-575-8273 to schedule an inspection


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