Further Explanation of What to Anticipate from this Inspection


Unless you can accept this service on a value added basis,  (adding to your understanding, not eliminating or even accurately quantifying your risks)  please do not commission this work.  There are literally thousands of variables to consider and we are relatively certain that some things will escape our attention.  If your expectations go beyond a much more experienced set of eyes than yours or if you are looking for assurances about the future,  please stop now.

This inspection is built on the premise that all houses have problems,  but they are not always detectable.  All houses require maintenance and expeditious repairs to problems.  Problems that are left unattended will grow larger and more expensive.  If you cannot accept these premises you should seriously question whether home ownership is for you.


We can not say with certainty :

That your house is free of major problems, structural or otherwise.

That the air or water of the house is clean or even safe.

That water will not seep into your basement after prolonged or heavy rains or thawing ground conditions.

That water or snow will not get through  your roofing or siding.

That your house is safe and secure and cannot be readily broken into.

That mechanical equipment will continue to operate even for 10 minutes after our survey.

That thermostats or timers will function properly,  or accurately.

That pipes or wires in unseen areas are O.K.

That your house conforms to codes or government regulations.

That the land will not move or affect your house. 

That heat exchangers in furnaces are intact or safe.

That your heating/air conditioning equipment will keep you comfortable in all rooms under all weather conditions.

That your foundation behind finished walls is structurally sound

That wood borers are not actively infesting the house.

That you wonít experience ice damming when cold weather and snows occur.

That condensation will not occur.

That fireplaces wonít smoke, especially during windy weather.

That rain water wonít migrate through masonry, stone, or other sidings.

That moisture wonít form around refrigerator gaskets in humid weather.

That sealed refrigerant systems wonít leak refrigerant, even this very day.

That your water heater will supply all the hot water you would like.

That your water supply system will supply all the water you would like.

That specific parts or repairs to equipments or fixtures will be available.

That repairs thought possible are economically feasible or readily available or even available at a fair price.

That repair people can be found or will be willing to guarantee their work or will even give you fixed estimates.

That specific equipments are using parts that were intended for that specific equipment.


We can be certain:

That you will readily find opinions that differ from ours.

That you will have to spend money on problems or repairs not noted in our survey.

That if you do not act on the warnings given by the survey you are probably accepting larger unseen risks.

That if you donít inspect and maintain your roof you will probably get some leakage.

That if you donít keep your gutters clean,  your downspouts extended,  and establish and maintain drainage away from your home,  it is probable seepage into the walls, under a slab, or into a crawl space or basement will occur.

That not removing hoses or draining outside faucets in cold weather areas may result in a freeze.

That if you do not routinely maintain your drains it is probable some backing up of sink and tub drains will occur.

That if you donít clean your humidifier routinely it wonít work and may damage your furnace.

That mechanical items will sometimes operate intermittently.

That we cannot possibly approximate the utility usage of the house.

That no matter what the weather,  it  will have some negative affect on the inspection.

That weather changes are to be expected and that severe or unusual weather may cause damages or problems.

That we will not be able to completely,  accurately and exactly describe a peer house.

That both major and minor problems can readily escape detection.

That problems will not be found or suspected in the absence of symptoms, clues, or telltales.

That symptoms, clues, or telltales can and often are effectively covered up.

That not if repairs to seawalls or retaining walls are not executed you may soon see more extensive repairs needed.

That failure to properly maintain swimming pool water or equipment will result in increased expenses in the future.

That failure to maintain and service well or septic systems will likely result in a failure and increased expense.


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